Tomorrow's energy solutions today...

Solar Delivered is an energy systems company located in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Using available technologies such as solar electric (solar panels/photo-voltaics/PVs), solar thermal (hot water), micro-turbine and waste heat generators, we offer design, installation, and service of energy cost saving systems.

Our Mission:
"To reduce or eliminate as many WAPA bills for as many Virgin Islanders as possible"


Most homes in the VI can take advantage of one of our most abundant and free resources, sunshine. Roof mounted solar electric panels (PVs) and/or solar hot water systems can be used to dramatically reduce or completely eliminate WAPA power bills.

Small Business

Solar electric panels are an excellent choice for businesses. If space is limited, alternative systems can be implemented or integrated to reach desired capacities. Either way, federal incentives can reduce total system cost by as much as 50% or more.


Higher power consumption commercial companies may want to look at integrating systems that affect several areas (electricity production/efficiency, air conditioning, hot water etc.), and due to the grid-tied system output limitations set by our local power company, total off-grid solutions.

Recent News

St. Croix students learn about alternative energy.

The Sugar Mill Veterinary Center recently hosted an alternative energy workshop learning field trip for 28 students enrolled at the St. Croix Educational Complex.

Bruce Dall, Alternative Power & Energy Analyst, was chosen to instruct this group on the technical aspects and benefits of solar and alternative power generation.
Sunny Isle goes solar!

Bruce completed a full solar analysis package for the Sunny Isle Shopping Center on St. Croix. The analysis estimated a 3 year payback, $.07/kWhr 25 year electricity cost, and millions in lifetime savings. It was a "no brainer" business decision for Sunny Isle management to move forward with solar, and are now generating their own electricity.

For a complete solar analysis for you home or business, or to learn more, contact:

Bruce Dall
Alternative Power & Energy Analyst
Direct: (340) 201-8186

Solar is less

You have a choice. You can choose to pay less than you're paying right now.


Financing funds are available from:

Local banks (home & business)

EDA (Economic Development Agency) (business)

USDA Rural (home & business)

SBA (Small Business Administration) (business)

Easy leasing available now!

Solar Delivered now offers stateside leasing for the home or business owner.

It's an easy, no hassle way to cut your power bills.

You pay nothing, own nothing, and are guaranteed savings over your present utility bills.

Whatever you choose, we'll help with a financing option that's right for you.

In the VI

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority utility rates are now over 5 times the U.S. average.

Solar for Island Territories

The Voice of America reports on The World's First Solar-Powered Territory.